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Stuff a bear mobile unit

We bring you the bear-y best party entertainment through our one-of-a-kind build-your-own-bear experience. 


Party favors and memories may fade away—but the Bearpy Mobile experience at your next event will give you not only a unique, retail-popularized, animal stuffing experience for fun and entertainment but will supply each guest with a parting gift that will stay with them fur-ever.


The perfect paw-ty is paw-ssible, with Bearapy Mobile. 

Three- Step Process

1. Pick It.

Kids can pick from a variety of animal skins. Lions, tigers, bears, oh my!

2. Stuff It.

We bring a 7 ft. or 4ft mobile bear stuffing machine onsite. Kids are able to experience the recreated version of the popular build a bear experience.

3. Fluff It.

After a successful pluff and fluff, kids will be able to take their new furry animal home to love forever.

How We Do It!

For your unique event, we make a childhood memory a lifelong memory by giving the gift of a lifelong friend.


Supplying everything you need fur your event: Our service includes all the materials you need—including a wide variety of unstuffed plush animals, costumes for dressing up, custom-designed t-shirts for your animals, personalized birth certificates, and more!

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